About auscart

At auscart we have tried many e-Commerce systems over the years and have found none that compare to CS-Cart. It's packed full of features, and is just a fraction of the price of similar offerings that have less functionality!

Even if you believe you need only a simple shopping cart, auscart strongly suggest you consider CS-Cart as any features you do not currently require can be deactivated. The software grows with your business and scales incredibly well.

For Australian customers auscart offers customisation services to configure your cart for the Australian marketplace, such as activating the realtime Australia Post shipping quote system and setup of your store for the GST.

Furthermore all this is backed up with access to the CS-Cart development team. Whilst there are some great open-source and free shopping cart systems available, when you run into issues there is only the goodwill of the community to come to your aid. With CS-Cart you have the added peace of mind that your support or customisation requirements will be met without delay.

auscart are authorised resellers of CS-Cart software.